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How did I get here?

2017 - Innocence 24x32 - Brick Wall with

My memories of growing up are filled with fear, unhappiness, loneliness and isolation.  I filled the hours alone being creative, I  loved to draw and tried to emulate the talent of my eldest brother. As he was colour-blind he drew in pencil and that became a style I was happy with and where I learned how to perfect objects, perspective and shading.

Drawing gave me a sense of purpose and achievement, something I felt I was good at. I enjoyed the peace and quiet and the calmness of painting, taking myself out of reality.

A negative childhood had a profound effect on my life with mental health struggles along the way but art has always been consistent and positive.

With my need to escape my childhood home as soon as possible, money became my overriding factor for the direction of my career so art took a back seat to a career with greater financial rewards.


I was successful in many careers but unfulfilled.

Drawing and painting was never far away and I regularly undertook commissions of pets, portraits and architecture and learned new techniques, experimenting with graphite, coloured pencils, oil, watercolour, gouache and acrylic paints.

I am now very lucky to be able to fulfil my life’s ambition of becoming a full time artist, my colour palette has became bolder and my paintings larger and more ambitious.


I have a fascination with faces, the way shadows fall onto the face, the absorbing and intense nature of eyes and the mouth.

I am hugely excited when I produce acrylic paintings of faces with vivid colours, a style that I continue to explore, to show power and emotions through these paintings. I love the fluidity of acrylics and the speed at which layering can be achieved without delay and the vibrancy and depth of available colours.

These paintings are a constant source of excitement and enhancement of my mental well-being.

Using pure unmixed professional paints layered onto stretched canvas I create dynamic, positivity and happiness within faces.

Mental health will always be very close to my heart, an area that is still stigmatised and perceived as a weakness, something to be hidden away and I hope that the more people that speak out, the more acceptance will follow.

I am happy to donate a percentage of all profits to local Mental Health charities that provide valuable support.

Mental health issues are not a weakness and quite often a result of circumstances and experiences but they can be overcome.


I hope my paintings bring you happiness and joy ❤️

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