2020! What a year!

Why do artists paint?

In a nutshell it gives me a way to escape from the real world, and to give myself the value of time to mull over my thoughts in an uncluttered forum.

It slows the world around me down to a relaxed pace and calms the anger from the modern world.

2020 is insane!!

If you look it can be full of hate, conflict, crime, death and fear but it can also be filled with love, compassion, hope, happiness and optimism, if you look in the right places.

In my current portfolio of paintings I use Winsor & Newton professional grade vibrant paints layered onto canvas with a palette knife, completely abstract to the human face. Using a palette knife allows the paint to move with fluidity, giving me, a relaxed and calm painting motion and I feel allows my emotions through to the painting itself.

My paintings are reactive, never pre-planned and a snapshot in time.

The colours I choose reflect the happiness and the pleasure that I get from the painting experience. My emotional level deepens, and I get lost in a world that has no interest in time or negativity.

After I had been developing my style for some time, I came across a French artist by the name of Francoise Neilly and I was intrigued by her paintings. Similar but quite different she is an inspiration and such a talent, an artist to aspire to.

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