Does size matter?

Bigger and bolder!

Since starting my journey I have grown my work in size and vibrancy and am now having to constrain myself, for the moment, to the physical limitations within my boundaries but for how long?

Does size matter? to me, yes it does!

I feel that I want to scream my art from the rooftops!

I feel that I am at the start of my journey, from an artistic and an emotional perspective. There are so many things that I want to achieve and so many people that I want to help along the way.

I have touched on mental health on many occasions, but I cannot stress how important this is. It is an explosion waiting to happen but in many ways is still seen as a taboo subject. Its real and its own pandemic that requires a huge shift in acceptance and support. There is still a huge stigma associated with mental health illness, it is perceived as a weakness and this must stop!

It is accepted that many artists suffer from mental health illnesses, probably because art is such a good rehabilitator but in other professions, especially amongst men it is unaccepted and frowned upon, a barrier to climbing a corporate ladder to success.

What about the children of this generation? They have pressures that are unimaginable from my generation.

One of the paintings that I did quite early on called ‘Happiness is Richness’ represented a poor child who was incredibly happy with what he had in his life, he was rich because he was full of happiness. As a western world we may be financially rich but are we happy? What is the pressure doing to our young minds? What troubles are we building for the future? Why are we not funding support adequately for mental health illnesses?

I am a very small fish in the huge sea of life, but I am trying to do my little bit! I am happy to donate to a child’s mental health charity and I want to expand on this as my business grows. Our children need our help!

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