Draw your Passion.

The question is always asked of Artists ‘How do you do that?’ and ‘How did you learn to draw like that?’ The answer is that it takes a lifetime of practice and passion to learn the art of art but perfection never comes!

Its like everything that you want to do well in life. You must have a huge interest in your subject, and it must be your passion, otherwise you will find it a chore and the art will be a hollow representation.

I have an obsessive, controlling personality so once I set my mind to something it can become consuming and I have to achieve the best that I am capable of and nothing less.

I started my artistic journey as a child, so it has been practiced and refined over many many years to where I am now, but I still have a lifetime of learning to come. Practicing and perfecting my study of portraiture leapt forward when drawing Gary Barlow, my other passion. A hugely talented artist in his own right in the music world, he has developed into an incredibly photogenic man who was screaming to be captured by my artist pencils. From there I have become intrigued by the face, full of emotions or sometimes a lack of emotion simply highlighted in the glint of the eye or in Gary’s case, the poise of the famous eyebrow!

So how did I start to paint my current style? Next blog coming soon...

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