Jackie Bridges Art is Born!

I am hugely excited to welcome you to my website. I have always been extremely passionate about art but through the Coronavirus pandemic I have had time to positively expand my range of paintings.

I want my art to be a happy experience, so I use bright, vibrant colours to enhance the mood and emotions of the painting.

So, who is the person behind the art?

I am Jackie Bridges, a full-time artist. I am a mum, a strong woman, opinionated, determined, and stubborn, a fighter in many senses of the word!

I am a survivor of mental health issues that stems from my childhood and am positive for my future. In my eyes my life started at the age of 34, a significant milestone!

My art reflects my inner self and the emotional rollercoaster of life. The faces I paint come to me because of the emotions that I can see within their eyes and mouth, their expressions, whether they are happy, sad, fearful, lonely, or lost.

I demand perfection in my own work and will not stop until I achieve it but underpinning everything, is a compassion for people and the desire to help where I can. That is why I want to support local mental health charities. It is an important and underfunded ticking timebomb!

I heard the saying ‘Do something that challenges you every day’. For some that could mean simply getting up and facing the world. Do not underestimate how hard that is!

Just moving forward in some way every day is how we grow as individuals but put your challenges into perspective and be realistic.

What has 2020 been like for you?

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