The Gift of the Coronavirus Pandemic

It is hard, especially now, to be able to find positives when the world around seems to be crumbling but if you take a long hard look and contemplate, you will find positivity.

I am now acutely aware of how fortunate I am, through the support of my amazing husband and enthusiastic, zealous kids.

For me Coronavirus gave me TIME!

A hugely valuable aspect of our lives that we previously took for granted. Time to think, to take a breather, to see the world around us, to reflect without the ‘noise’ of everyday life getting in the way.

Lockdown showed us what is important in life, family!

And by family that does not mean blood relatives but the real people that are close to you, the ones who really care about you and keep checking in. When you look at who those people are you will be surprised who you could truly call upon. Keep those people close and look after them like they looked after you.

How did I get to where I am now? Come back and I'll tell you more...

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