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Making exquisite art affordable

Quality is key


I spend many hours putting my heart, soul and all my emotions into my canvases so it is vital and unquestionable that they are produced using superior quality products. 

I like to use Winsor and Newton branded products, which I purchase from Jackson’s Art Supplies. 

Sometimes I have to choose other high-quality brands due to supply availability.  Details are provided for each item in the shop where other brands are used.


Jacksons’ Art Supplies

 Jackson’s are the leading UK supplier of Fine Art materials. 

They are dedicated to sourcing and providing the finest art materials in the world, catering to the unique needs of every artist.

 Winsor and Newton Branded Products

 Winsor and Newton create the world’s finest art materials, which are used by some of the world’s finest artists.

 In 1832 chemist William Winsor and artist Henry Newton brought together the knowledge of the scientist and the creativity of the artist to offer an unprecedented choice of colour, clarity and permanence to fine artists.

 Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic colours are unrivalled in their richness, intensity and depth of colour.

 Winsor and Newton Professional Stretched Canvas are primed with highly pigmented gesso and are beautifully responsive to every brush stroke.

 Stretched over a solid Fir and Paulownia wood frame for an impressive finished weight.


Superior Quality Giclee Prints

 A lot of artists are turning to new technologies to create prints of their artworks. 

 However, a lot of these prints are created from images captured on a mobile phone camera with poor quality lighting conditions or scanned images and printed on small home printers.

 There are two key factors to creating a superior quality print of Acrylic Art on Canvas:

 A High-Resolution Image with a perfect colour match that is indistinguishable, to the human eye, from the original painting.

 Using a Professional Large Format Printer with a wide range of pigment ink colours.

My limited-edition prints are produced from images captured using state of the art technology and printed using the latest Canon imagePROGRAF-PRO 4000 large format printer with the LUCIA PRO 12 colour pigment ink technology.


Canvas prints are offered in limited editions of 40 for each print size.


All prints are produced at press quality resolution of 300 DPI and are indistinguishable from the original painting.

 Limited edition prints are also signed and numbered on the back of the frame and come with a signed certificate of authentication.

 I also offer unlimited prints on high quality 300 gsm paper in A4 and A3 sizes, and on 200 gsm paper in A2 size.

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